Cryptocurrency Art Is Booming!

That is right, cryptocurrency art is the new craze. You all probably read about the NFT artist that goes by the name of, Beeple, who sold his artworks for nearly $70M. To most people that is astronomically mind boggling, digital art selling for almost $70M? Just that sheer sentence is enough to blow most individual's mind, but it is the staple of what's to come for crypto art.

You must be wondering, "Well what's supplying the demand behind cryptocurrency artwork, posters, NFTs, etc.?" Great question, it is the idea of collectible pieces of history. Think back to when you were a kid, you might have wanted to collect sneakers, comics, baseball cards, you name it, well that is what is driving this same market. The only difference about those I mentioned compared to crypto art is the fact that cryptocurrency speculation is at an all-time high. The NFT market has been speculated to be compared to the dot com era where we see prices top out before a major crash. I would like to disagree. I believe NFT's & crypto art in general is going to see a huge growth as time goes on due to the growing demand of cryptocurrencies in general.

We see this year the entire cryptocurrency market cap hit an ATH of over $2T, which we believe will continue to rise as time goes on. There are many great projects out there that seem to be delivering longevity for the crypto market, for example XRP, HBAR, ALBT, QNT, XLM, & many more. It all started with Bitcoin back in 2009 & we have seen the crypto market grow beyond the typical expectations. Many individuals will beg to differ that the cryptocurrency market is nearing a bubble bursting event, but we believe this is only the beginning.

So what do you believe, do you think that this is only the start, or do you think we are close to the end for cryptocurrencies?